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Who are St Neots Cleaning Company?

The St Neots Cleaning Company started servicing clients back in 2004 as a partnership by the two proprietors, Steve and Lee. After a few years of considerably faster than expected growth, we incorporated our business in early 2009. We just had a few philosophical goals back then, the first of which was to be able to provide an excellent, high-quality cleaning service. Beyond that, we aspired to be not only the best, but also the most reliable cleaning business that St Neots and the surrounding villages had ever seen.

In 2022, we will be celebrating our 18th year in business, and we are still just as passionate about offering excellent cleaning standards and a degree of total, unwavering reliability that is rarely seen in any cleaning service. We understand how it feels to be let down, and whether the reason is legitimate or not, the disappointment and frustration is always palpable.

We are very proud of our capable and strong senior team, which is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service. Both of the owners come from client-focused backgrounds and, more importantly, we believe in giving our senior management team the latitude and independence of thought that they need to grow and succeed.

We work hard to keep our client-focused approach at the centre of our business, so we have never operated as an agency and we do not hire anyone on a casual, nor self-employed, basis. Our colleagues are all employed on permanent contracts, with hours to suit their own family commitments and needs. This provides them with a level of job security that is rare within the cleaning services sector, and especially so in the Domestic Cleaning arena.

We are happy to also be a recognised member of the Living Wage Foundation. The Living Wage Foundation is an independent body that assesses a true living wage standard based on the real cost of living, rather than government minimums. This strengthens our commitment to providing exceptional benefits and job security to our employees.

We also carry professional insurance and employers liability insurance, and are proud members of a number of organisations, such as the Best of St Neots, the Domestic Cleaning Alliance, the Living Wage Foundation, and the Federation of Small Businesses.


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