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St Neots Cleaning Company

About us

The St Neots Cleaning Company started servicing clients back in 2004 as a partnership by the two proprietors, Steve and Lee. After a few years of considerably faster than expected growth, we incorporated our business in early 2009. We just had a few philosophical goals back then, the first of which was to be able to provide an excellent, high-quality cleaning service. Beyond that, we aspired to be not only the best, but also the most reliable cleaning business that St Neots and the surrounding villages had ever seen.

In 2024, we will be celebrating our 20th year in business, and we are still just as passionate about offering excellent cleaning standards and a degree of total, unwavering reliability that is rarely seen in any cleaning service. We understand how it feels to be let down, and whether the reason is legitimate or not, the disappointment and frustration  is always palpable.

We are very proud of our capable and strong senior team, which is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service. Both of the owners come from client-focused backgrounds and, more importantly, we believe in giving our senior management team the latitude and independence of thought that they need to grow and succeed. 

We work hard to keep our client-focused approach at the centre of our business, so we have never operated as an agency and we do not hire anyone on a casual, nor self-employed, basis. Our colleagues are all employed on permanent contracts, with hours to suit their own family commitments and needs. This provides them with a level of job security that is rare within the cleaning services sector, and especially so in the Domestic Cleaning arena.

We are happy to also be a recognised member of the Living Wage Foundation. The Living Wage Foundation is an independent body that assesses a true living wage standard based on the real cost of living, rather than government minimums. This strengthens our commitment to providing exceptional benefits and job security to our employees. 


We also carry professional insurance and employers liability insurance, and are proud members of a number of organisations, such as the Best of St Neots, the Domestic Cleaning Alliance, the Living Wage Foundation, and the Federation of Small Businesses.

St Neots Cleaning Company


I have to plead guilty to being a bit of a workaholic, as anyone that knows me will agree.

I joined Steve & Lee at The St Neots Cleaning Company Ltd over 10 years ago now and have worked my way up from a part time team member to the Operations Manager. I have overall operational responsibility for all the day to day business, for liaising with prospective and existing clients, and for working with our wonderful team of staff.

I love a challenge and being able to solve problems gives me great satisfaction. Clients are often surprised at our willingness to try and give them a solution to a situation they may have. The fact that I work with a great team and that our clients are all lovely means that being able to achieve good outcomes is even more enjoyable.

Plainly, I'm good at cleaning but that is really rather obvious in a cleaning company! And my little bit of OCD isn't a bad thing either, especially when it comes to making shiny things sparkle!


Outside of work I am all about my family and have recently discovered the joy of yoga.


I have worked for the St Neots Cleaning Company Ltd for over 7 years now and I absolutely love my job. I started as a team member and quickly showed my skills for standards and for training too. 

There is nothing I enjoy more than coming home to a sparkling clean house and I am proud to be able to provide that feeling for our clients many of whom are simply too busy. Having children and pets myself, I know how easily our homes can start to show the signs of daily life. When I see the clean and sparkling end result at the homes and businesses that we have cleaned it fills me with pride.

The St Neots Cleaning Company is a wonderfully customer orientated company that really does focus on being the best locally. As I grew up in St Neots myself, I love being in and around the area I grew up, and being part of the team that helps our clients. 

St Neots Cleaning Company

As the Assistant Manager I always work very hard to achieve what needs to be done, working closely with customers and my colleagues to devise the best way to do this. 

From the St Neots Cleaning Company family to yours, we look forward to waving our magic wand and giving your home, or business, that extra sparkle. 

St Neots Cleaning Company


When Steve and I set up The St Neots Cleaning Company Ltd, 20 years ago, we had no idea where the journey was going to take us. We were prepared for hard work and we were excited to be in charge of our own destiny, free to make our own choices…and probably a few mistakes too.

One thing that we both knew, and felt with a passion, was what our company philosophy was to be about. It was to be the best and the absolutely most reliable cleaning company available locally. To put the client right at the centre of a domestic cleaning service, with exceptional standards and a level of total reliability not seen in the local area.

After all this time, and with many staff now in our employ to take on this mantle of service, this is still our company philosophy.

From a more practical standpoint I have always had an exceptional eye for detail and a willingness to work hard. A bit of OCD never goes amiss when you are cleaning too! As part of my background is in face to face customer interaction it was always natural that I would head up the standards and training side of the business. Though these days I am largely, behind the scenes, with our excellent and capable managers Sally and Karen, having stolen most of my hands-on work from me!


When Lee and I decided to start our own business, all the way back in 2004, it was with all the right aims and attitude, and certainly the expectation of plenty of hard work too. We wanted to be the best for cleaning standards, and the best for reliability, and we wanted to do it for a very local clientele base. Now, 20 years later and it is that same drive and determination that maintains our company approach to this day.

We employ an amazing team of staff and Sally and Karen, our senior team, run the day to day operations. Lee and I are always on hand to advise or assist with whatever support is needed, or wanted. They are both very skilful and hard working ladies and sometimes they simply don't need us, which is rather nice (or not if you are a bit of a control freak!).


Giving your managers, and indeed other senior team members, the necessary skills, freedom and confidence, to plan and make decisions for themselves, to solve issues as they arise, is a fundamental challenge that most small business owners struggle to do. Small business owners are usually control freaks, otherwise we wouldn't set up our own companies, and this is one area I have to work on every single day! 

Most of my work these days is to ensure the smooth running of all back-office operations. Especially in providing both moral and organisational support to Sally and Karen with any needs they may have in the day to day running of our business.

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