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Give new life to your furniture with upholstery cleaning

Are your sofas, curtains, cushions and other fabrics starting to look a bit forlorn from use? Are you debating whether it's time to freshen things up?

Rather than buying a whole new set, look at hiring an Upholstery Cleaning service.

Treated in a similar way to carpets, but with a gentler by-hand approach to look after the more delicate fabrics, this is the perfect way to freshen up your upholstery whilst being safe for pets and people with allergies.

We use a highly modern and eco-friendly, dry-cleaning method, to clean your upholstery fabrics deep down into the fibres. Our treatment has the added advantage of being safe for pets and babies, and is also a non-irritant for allergy sufferers, and even suppresses the number of mites and other upholstery nasties, that often reside in our fabrics. The product also contains inhibitors to ensure your upholstery will stay cleaner for longer - and being a dry-cleaning method, your furniture will be completely dry and ready for use immediately after we leave.

The Process

  1. Pre-Clean inspection and assessment. Carried out at quote stage to establish needs and requirements.

  2. Pre-treatment vacuum to remove surface dust and loose particles of dirt, this makes the deep cleaning stage more effective.

  3. Spotting pre-treatment of spills and stains, to help with more stubborn spots, and/or marks of unknown origin.

  4. Hand application of micro-sponges infused with our Eco-friendly cleaning agent. We use a mixture of stiff and soft brushes and fabric safe mitt, all depending on the fabric being treated, to ensure as deep penetration into the fibres as possible whilst still taking the utmost care of your upholstered furniture.

  5. Dwell time…simply allowing the product to activate and clean the fibres of your upholstery.

  6. Deep vacuum removal of micro-sponges, this is when they have finished drying and absorbing microscopic particles of dirt and grime locking it all in place so it can be removed from your pieces of furniture.

  7. Spot check for any residual stains or marks.


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