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Book a one-off deep clean and have your home sparkling for Christmas 🎄

Now is a great time to look at your calendar and book our team for a one-off deep cleaning ready for the Christmas period. Have everything from your floors, carpets, upholstery and cupboards sparkling clean ready for the break.

We tailor this to the individual, with as much, or as little cleaning as you need. These services are often large team events and can also take the whole day, or longer if you have a big home. We can include everything from the expected thorough cleaning of a professional service, right through to bactericidal washing of woodworks and architraves, deep cleaning of carpets, even the emptying, cleaning and refilling of all your kitchen cupboards. We can help guide you with which tasks are most beneficial, so that you are sure to only spend money on worthwhile jobs, ensuring the very best value for money on these deep clean services.


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