Steve - Company Director

When Lee and I decided to start our own business, all the way back in 2004, it was with all the right aims and attitude, and the expectation of plenty of hard work too. We wanted to be the best for cleaning standards, and the best for reliability, and we wanted to do it for a very local clientele base. Seventeen years later and it is that same drive and determination that maintains our company approach to this day.

We employ an amazing team of staff and Sally and Karen, our senior team, run the day to day operations. Lee and I are always on hand to advise or assist with whatever support is needed, or wanted. They are both very skilful and hard working ladies and sometimes they simply don't need us, which is rather nice (or not if you are a bit of a control freak!).


Giving managers, and indeed other senior team members, the necessary skills and confidence, as well as the freedom, to plan and decide things for themselves, to solve issues as they arise, is a fundamental challenge that most small business owners struggle with, we’re usually control freaks, otherwise we wouldn't set up our own companies, and it is something I have to work on every single day! 

Most of my work these days is to ensure the smooth running of all back-office operations. Providing support to Sally and Karen with any needs they may have in the day to day running of our business.